Dress Code

Dress Code at Thorndon Park Golf Club

All members, guests and visitors are asked to respect and follow our dress code.

Dress Code on the Course

• Collared shirts must be worn, with short or long sleeves, and which must be tucked into trousers or shorts. (T-shirts, football, rugby and other non-golfing sports shirts are not allowed).

• Tailored shorts may be worn provided they are accompanied by either plain coloured knee length socks or white sports socks which must cover the ankles.

• Players and caddies must wear golf shoes, preferably (dependent upon weather conditions) with soft spikes.

• Ladies should wear proper golfing attire – which may include tailored golf shorts, skort or skirt. Although no limit on length is specified, dress MUST be in keeping with the respected standards expected at TPGC.

• Ladies shirts, whether with sleeves or without, must have a collar and need not be tucked in.

Dress Code in the Clubhouse

• Smart casual is the general rule which may include clean and dry golf clothing which does not include golf hats/visors nor water or wind proof outer garments.

• Tailored shorts may be worn in the Clubhouse except when a formal function is taking place.

• Long trousers and tailored shorts, when permitted, may be worn with or without socks when wearing Deck/Loafer shoes in the Clubhouse, including the patio.

• Smart golf clothing, (except tailored shorts) may be worn in the Harry Colt Bar.
Apart from in exceptional circumstances, the Harry Colt Bar, is reserved for members and their guests only.

Not allowed anywhere

• Trainers, flip-flops, all denim jeans, tracksuits, cargo-style trousers and sports shorts.
• Golf hats and visors worn back to front.
• Ladies sun tops.
• Men’s sandals.